Results of "Sherlock Holmes and Mahjong" contest

Dear mahjong lovers, MahjongSoft and The Sherlock Holmes Society of Italy (Uno Studio In Holmes) are pleased to announce the finish of the 4th season of “Sherlock Holmes and Mahjong” mystery solving contest.

Winners and prizes

Prizes are generously provided by The Sherlock Holmes Society of Italy (Uno Studio In Holmes) and Vitaly Novikov.


For the last 8 weeks 41 contestants from 10 countries have sent their solutions. Not everything went smoothly, some mysteries looked like easy ones the other ones required more and more time to solve. 10 contestants received tied maximum score, hence, to break ties in top positions, so-called "timestamp" procedure has been applied. Any cell in "timestamp matrix" shows how many "complete and correct" solutions a "horizontal" contestant has sent EARLIER with respect to a "vertical" contestant. Numbers in all cell are summed up for every tied contestant, the higher that sum, the higher place of the contestant.

Detailed results

Resulting table contains: rank, contestant name, country, number of "Sherlock points" (), total and by mystery.

Updated: 16.07.2021 14:00 CET

Contestants with the maximum score

Timestamp matrix

Other contestants