Addressing the new user

Dear player, WELCOME to mahjong platform "Mahjongsoft"!
This text are some Guidelines to help you to choose optimal way to use this site.

What is Mahjongsoft?

Mahjongsoft is innovative mahjong site providing the opportunities:

  • to participate in the variety of tournaments (including duplicate ones, with hand-to-hand comparison across the tables)
  • to participate in marathons or in-group competitions
  • to participate in mahjong-solving contests
  • to learn more about mahjong by reading from books and other educational materials
  • or just to play solo being accompanied by robots

Choose your user plan

Mahjongsoft is a community of players. Most players, even being from different countries, know each other in person since they could meet earlier in live competitions abroad or play in the same city in the club.

There are two main approaches:

  • Become a "competitor", a member of tournament-playing part of the community. For that you should register (create login), fill in your user profile with the valid basic information: Name, Lastname, country. Your real name will not be revealed except in major monthly tournaments or "official" championships.
  • Keep anonymity. If you think that your identity should not be revealed, then the best way is to not register on the site all! You may play with robots, educate yourself and do other things without being logged.

General non-mahjong rules

Any non-mahjong rules, explicitly imposed or implied, serve the main goal — to save site or mahjong community from disruption:

  • Respect other players! That means choosing non-offensive "Displayed name" in your profile.
  • Allocate enough time to play the game or tournament. Never abandon started game unless you have real force-majeure! We disqualify "abandoners" by imposing the longer periods of "ban" (loosing privilege on the site) for the repeated cases.
  • Do not create "double entries" or fake identities. Once revealed, all the players and results will be disqualified, If you need to register your relative, please, do it under the REAL name of your relative, do not use your name for the second time.
  • This site is for playing mahjong! All new accounts which did not play with other players any single game in any supported by site rules will be REMOVED upon 7 DAYS after registration! This is the only measure which can distinguish real accounts from any bots.

Thank you for choosing Mahjongsoft!

Updated: 04.01.2024