The server is currently a non-commercial project. You can provide financial support to the project by sending a transfer of any amount you can afford.

Addresses for payments (in cryptocurrency):

CurrencyPurse number
BitcoinBTC 1973GHJhBMedZyta92YZV4FJ8htwLCM8JK
LitecoinLTC LP4Qms25nHM36LCPrJyHweSsxjv7swKDN2
EthereumETH 0xf6bcf359753419483C976D16f7A58CAb04D35F64
Tether ERC20USDT 0xf6bcf359753419483C976D16f7A58CAb04D35F64

Great thanks to everyone who supports the project financially or in other ways - translations, error messages, suggestions or comments, and also just goes to the site and participates in games and tournaments. We hope you like our site, we will try to make it even better and more interesting. team.

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